What Do Our Guests Say About Us?

Below are some comments we have received from guests after their visits.
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Bel Air Hotel Omdömen

Many thanks for yet another great stay at Belair. I was really very taken with both Jack and Izzy – I do feel favoured to have been put on such great horses: the mock hunt was an exceptional day (and weren’t we lucky with the weather); and the lesson in the big fields was one of the best cross country lessons I have ever had.

John M
United Kingdom
Dear Noni and Bel-Air staff,

What a splendid time K and I had during our recent stay at Bel-Air. The people, the horses, the riding, the food, the hospitality and service was exceptional. Many thanks to all of you for taking such good care of us and making it a weekend to remember.

The October 28th hunt could not have been better. I can’t even begin to describe what that day meant to me…it was a dream come true. Samson was a perfect match for me. I had the best time ever riding him. If it can at all work out, I would like to return next year. May God continue to bless Bel-Air for it is truly an extraordinary place.

With sincere gratitude,

Marcia C
United States

Bel-Air is certainly a very special place for me … it has a soul. The special combination of people, horses and the place itself make Bel-Air unique. The warmth of the welcome and the friendliness of everyone I have met there is truly outstanding. I felt ‘included’ in absolutely everything from the very first day… and then it just got better and better! Which, I guess, is why I keep on coming back for more.

United Kingdom

Bel-Air has given me a wonderful 3 years of riding. My confidence has continually grown thanks to the brilliant quality of the horses and the encouragement of the experienced friendly instructors. Add to that a great social scene that makes the riding at Bel-Air all the more enjoyable.

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