Christmas in the Air at Bel-Air

After a lovely season, the mock hunting is over for this year. Horses and riders all had a great time, and it’s hard to tell who enjoyed it the most. Helen McNeive followed with her camera and there are loads of great photos on Bel-Air Equestrian Centre’s Facebook page.

If you are dreaming of next year already, why not ask Santa for a gift voucher? Also guests who don’t want to ride horses are very welcome to enjoy a stay at Bel-Air Hotel, and vouchers make great stocking fillers too!

As Christmas approaches with speed, Santa’s Christmas Wonderland has opened their gates behind (to the side of) the hotel. All information and ticket booking is available on the Santa’s Christmas Wonderland website. Santa also has a Facebook page.

Santa's Christmas Wonderland

And finally, the riding schedule is a little bit different over the holiday season. Click here to see all details for December and January.

Riding_Schedule_Christmas_2018_New_Year 2019_Bel-Air_Equestrian_Centre

Mock Hunt October at Bel-Air

The amazing weather has continued into October, offering extra lovely days for our mock hunts. Photos by Anna Stone (sunrise) and Helen McNeive (riding).

Good morning mockhunt October 2018

Across the stubble field Bel-Air mockhunt October 2018

Bel-Air mockhunt – 2018

Stunning September at Bel-Air

September is one of our favourite months, and often offers fantastic sunny days with blue skies. Here are some happy riders and horses at a lesson with Noni a few days ago.

September ride Bel-Air Equestrian Centre_original (2)

August Stubble Fields

The nights are closing in, the oats are cut and we can ride across the golden stubble fields again. Great fun and quite exciting.

Bel-Air Rideout Aug 2018


Warm June Welcome

The riders got this lovely welcome when they arrived to Bel-Air for evening lessons late in June. Thanks Helen McNeive for catching the moment and sharing the photo!

The drive to Bel-Air Equestrian Centre in the evening sun

Bel-Air Summer

Summer har really arrived. The horses love going out after work, and there is a lovely scent of honeysuckle and elder flowers in the woods – which riders probably enjoy more than the horses. Thanks Fiona for the lovely evening photo.


Bel-Air isn’t only for horse riding

There is a lot to do in the area if you don’t want to ride during your stay, or just want a few hours’ break from the horses. We have listed a small sample below. Whatever reason you have to come to Bel-Air,

We are looking forward to seeing you soon,

Maggie & Noni

Vouchers available

If you are looking for a special gift, contact us for a Bel-Air Voucher.

Devil’s Glen – one of many places to walk near Bel-Air

We have many nice walks for all types of walkers close to Bel-Air. The Devil’s Glen area offers many different options. Here is a nice introduction from The Irish Times. Please note that although Devil’s Glen is close to Ashford village and Bel-Air, you do need a car or a lift to get there.

A round of golf, maybe?

If you don’t ride horses, maybe you want to play a round of golf while your travel companions are out enjoying themselves with a Bel-Air lesson or ride-out. There are many golf courses to choose from in the area. Wicklow Golf Club has a beautiful course just by the sea and it’s less than 10 km from Bel-Air. Guests are welcome and you can book online.




Wigs & Jigs Event raised €6,826.25 for Wicklow Cancer Support

Together we raised €6,826.25 for Wicklow Cancer Support at the Wigs and Jigs event. Thank you so much, everybody who sponsored, donated prizes, attended the party, bought raffle tickets, sold tickets, invested your time or contributed in any other way.

And surely it’s no harm it was a great night too! Spectacular photos were published in the local newspapers. Highly recommended reading.

Classic Cuts in Ashford and Bel-Air Hotel and Equestrian Centre present the cheque to Wicklow Cancer Support


Wigs & Jigs @ Bel-Air   Wigs and Jigs fundraiser for Wicklow Cancer Support_Prize Givers and Sponsors

Latest News from Bel-Air on Facebook

You can follow the latest news about what’s going on at Bel-Air on our Facebook page. No Facebook account is needed if you only want to read the information. Just click the link and enjoy.

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