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Bel-Air Hotel & Equestrian Centre Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Do packages start on particular dates or can I choose my own dates?

Mock-hunts are organised on particular dates. Otherwise you can pick any arrival and departure days that suit you. You just have to check with us, so we have availability.

Is there a single supplement?

Yes, our single supplement is €15 per night in the hotel.

Can I hire riding gear at Bel-Air?

We have a limited number of skull caps and body protectors that are approved for cross-country jumping, which we lend to clients.

I have not done any cross-country jumping, is that OK?

Mock-hunts and some of our ride-outs require experience of cross-country jumping, but for most of our rides this is not necessary. If you want to try cross-country, we can help you get going. Or if you simply want to come with us through the fields and up the hills, that’s fine too.

How do I get to Bel-Air from Dublin airport?

There is a bus from the airport to Ashford village. Other options are car rental or taxi. You find all details here.

When I book a riding holiday, do I have to contact the hotel separately?

No, if you e-mail, phone or complete our form we will book everything for you.

I don't want to jump. Can I still ride at Bel-Air?

You can ride at Bel-Air without jumping. Come with us on scenic ride-outs through the woods and up the hills or have some dressage lessons.

I don't want to ride. Can I still stay at Bel-Air?

Yes! Bel-Air Hotel often have guests who don’t want to ride horses. You can come and just stay the night if you like. And if you want to stay a bit longer, the area has a lot to offer.

Half of our party want to play golf instead of ride. Can we all stay at Bel-Air?

This is no problem at all. Guests who stay with us quite often want to do different things some of the time. And Bel-Air is well located for playing golf, with many golf courses in the area.

I have a food allergy. Can you help me with safe food?

No problem, but as allergies are very individual you have to advise us in advance, exactly what your needs are.

Can I bring my own horse to Bel-Air?

No, apart from special events or training sessions through a riding club or pony club, you can’t bring your own horse to Bel-Air.

What is a mock-hunt?

A mock-hunt is like an Irish hunt, only for Bel-Air horses. And without the hounds and the fox. You can read more about our mock-hunts here.

Do packages start on particular days?

3 Day packages. For our midweek package you need to be in yard at 8.30am on Tuesday morning, and for our weekend package 8.30am on Friday morning.

For weekly packages you need to be in yard at 8.30am on your first day of riding.

Can I wear a head cam while riding at Bel-Air?

Please click here for the list of BHS Approved Centres Hat Rules.

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