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Bel-Air Hotel & Equestrian Centre Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Waiting their turn on the XC jumping ride Bel-Air Equestrian Centre Ireland

Our Horses

The Horses at Bel-Air Equestrian Centre

Horses at Bel-Air are either home-bred or carefully selected Irish sport horses. They are a mix of Irish Draught, thoroughbred and Connemara, which gives a quality horse with an excellent temperament.

As youngsters, our home-bred horses gain experience on the hunting field as well as competing in all disciplines before they are introduced to clients. This results in well-schooled, experienced horses that are a joy to ride. They will look after you when you need it, and yet rise to the challenge a more experienced rider is looking for.

Our horses are 15 hh – 16.2 hh. We breed mainly for ourselves with 1 – 2 foals each year.

Miley and Scout can't wait to get going Bel-Air Equestrian Centre
Rua & her RID filly foal Bel-Air Equestrian Centre Ireland

Some of our Happy Horses at Bel-Air, coming out to say “Hello!”

We often get the question what breed our horses are. Most of them are Irish sport horses, and if you are curious, check out this nice presentation of the breed from Dublin Horse Show 2013.

The Horses at Bel-Air Equestrian Centre
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