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Bel-Air Hotel and Equestrian Centre
  – Art Exhibition Raffle Prizes


Bel-Air Hotel is hosting an exhibition of the well known artists Kenneth Webb, Susan Webb, Clare Cryan and Sara Sue McNeill. "Bel-Air Horses and Riders" is the theme of the exhibition, but they are also showing other examples of their work. These artists are well known internationally, so it's well worth visiting. The exhibition opens is open daily 2 pm-7 pm until December 18th.

There is also a raffle, with one painting from each artist as prizes. Raffle tickets are €20 and can be bought in the hotel.

Raffle Prizes

1st Prize:  Gouache by Kenneth Webb  "The Coral Strand"
2nd Prize:  Watercolour by Clare Cryan "The Last of the Summer"
3rd Prize:  Watercolour by Susan Webb  "In the Deep Dark Woods"
4th Prize:  Oil by Sara McNeill "Connemara Cottages"

"The Coral Strand", gouache by Kenneth Webb


"The Last of the Summer", watercolour by Clare Cryan



"In the Deep Dark Woods", watercolour by Susan Webb



"Connemara Cottages", oil by Sara Sue McNeill